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Beau Keyte is also a founding partner of LTG, Inc., a small consultancy skilled in helping organizations improve operational performance through implementing and managing continuous improvement. LTG holds adjunct faculty appointments with the Lean Enterprise Institute and are frequent guest lecturers and instructors for a number of prominent university management programs.

Affiliates of KeyteGroup include:

  • Jim Luckman has on-the-ground experience leading transformations as a Plant Manager, a Director of an R&D Center, and a CEO of a small start-up company. He has significant experience in strategic planning, engineering and manufacturing transformations. His current efforts in transformational thinking include leadership coaching, developing approaches for culture change and redefining learning in R&D organizations.
  • Brent Wahba of Strategy Science, Inc. is a great thinker, teacher, and coach who adds both depth and breadth to the network.  He specializes in applying transformational thinking to the front end of the business such as strategic planning, product development, and sales and marketing. His adaptive coaching and facilitation helps both the process side and the culture side of transformations.

  • Alice Lee has been a leader in the lean healthcare community for 10+ years inside complex organizational transformations.  She is a natural coach and teacher who helps individuals at all levels of an organization challenge the status quo to improve their capabilities and change their thinking, acting, and culture.  She writes for the Lean Management Journal and is part of the coaching faculty at Ohio State’s Masters in Business in Operational Excellence.  

  • Barb Bouche has spent years in continuous improvement activities within the healthcare arena and has coached and led process improvement and culture change activities within different patient care settings. She is also an adjunct faculty member at Ohio State’s Masters in Business in Operational Excellence. We’re lucky to know and work with her!

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