A3 Thinking

  • Managerial

    The A3 process develops managers to coach and mentor the people who report to them, raising the capability of the people inside the processes to understand and solve their own problems. Management time is freed up to address higher-level organizational issues.

    When executives spend time solving operational problems in functions or circumstances where they no longer have daily contact, both they and the organization are at a disadvantage. It not only robs management of needed capacity to address issues critical to building the organization but also creates a system where the front line grows dependent on management to do the critical thinking about front line problems.

    We help management learn how to coach operational staff so that problems are solved at the right level of work using a progressive collaborative learning model to leverage the thinking of several areas of your organization.

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  • Operational

    Band-aid here, band-aid there, and another, and another, and another. Under pressure of daily activity, we’ve all been trained to make – and probably gotten rewarded for – quick fixes when problems pop up. But what a mess we sometimes get into, solving familiar problems over and over again. Our capacity for superb customer service and business growth can erode imperceptably while we are “too busy” to get to the bottom of things.

    “A3” thinking – referencing an industry term for the 11 x 17 sheet of paper which serves as the collection point for data and analysis – can turn things around. While we support one-time training workshops, we have found the best intervention to be a progressive learning model, working with several teams in your organization over a series of weeks to allow them time to engage others, gather solid supporting data, and learn how to identify the actionable issue(s).

    With this technique we increase an organization’s internal capacity for :

    • Aligning all functions around key strategic performance goals
    • Understanding systemic problems and solving them
    • Creating a solid force of front line thinking and problem solving
    • Continuous improvement

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