Articles and Thoughts


OPINION: Those moldy masks in the strategic stockpile reflect a supply-chain problem — these 5 steps can fix that before the next crisis strikes: Beau's opinion piece, May 29, 2020
- - - Let’s build a public-private National Pandemic Response Coalition and do drills, just like the military does with war games.

Rethinking lean in a time of social distancing: Beau's article for Industry Week, April 3, 2020
- - - Process and system designs need to adapt to keep workers safe.

Playing the long lean game: Beau's article for Industry Week, March 27, 2020
- - - As the market changes quickly, now is the time for some serious scientific thinking.

Are You Sending the Wrong Message with 'Leadership Standard Work'?: Beau's article for Industry Week, May 1, 2018
- - - No need to invoke lean language. Just say you want to have great leadership inside your transformation and find a path that makes sense.

Performing beyond the bare minimum for survival: Beau's Lean Reflections blog post, May 29, 2013
- - - Moving beyond "meeting today's needs" to positioning for future needs.

Getting to Everyday Improvement: How to Connect the Science and Culture of Problem Solving: LEI webinar with Judy Worth, February 14, 2013
- - - Beau and Judy share two key concepts from the book Perfecting Patient Journeys: experimentation vs. implementation and socialization to engage more people in the transformation effort.
- - - Follow-up Q&A to the webinar.


Silent Killer of Health Care Transformation: Overburdened by Too Many Choices: Beau's Huffington Post blog, Sept 9, 2013
- - - Current overburden and ways for leaders to find capacity support change initiatives.

Losing Patients: What Healthcare Organizations have to do to Survive Inevitable Changes: Beau's Huffington Post blog, August 13, 2013
- - - The conflicts of healthcare two different worlds: pre- and post- healthcare reform.

Patients First: blog post by Luis Haro, MD, one of Beau's early clients, April 29, 2013
- - - Haro discusses his healthcare initiative journey of focusing on patient outcomes and how it has made a difference to his patients and his organization.

Talking about Perfecting Patient Journeys: interview with Jim Luckman for Healthcare Finance News, April 25, 2013
- - - Beau and Jim discuss the most important take away for readers of Perfecting Patient Journeys and describe the benefits of lean for the health care industry.