The Complete Lean Enterprise, 2nd edition

complete-lean-enterprise-book-large.jpgTHE COMPLETE LEAN ENTERPRISE: Value Stream Mapping for Office and Services, 2nd edition, co-authored by Beau Keyte and Drew Locher, is an updated version of the bestselling book that won a Shingo Prize for Excellence in Manufacturing Research. The second edition expands beyond the "tools focus" to challenge your organization to think and act differently in order to change the culture of your organization as you become more effective and efficient.
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This updated edition of a Shingo Prize Winner:

  • Provides a robust step-by-step approach for implementing Lean initiatives in the service industry and office environments
  • Features new critical steps in planning and preparing for VSM events
  • Includes new content and examples from the service industry, including healthcare
  • Details methods for engaging an entire organization in continuous improvement by focusing on socialization
  • Discusses the use of experiments to "learn your way" to a future state
  • Provides examples of tiered visual management and demonstrates the principles of a lean management system

This book details proven methods for aligning the organization for transformation, creating future state visions of improved effectiveness and efficiency, and engaging all levels of the organization in the transformation. After reading it, you will be better prepared to transform your organization to one that not only sustains improvement gains but is more adaptable to shifts in market and customer needs.

Praise for The Complete Lean Enterprise

"The Complete Lean Enterprise is an excellent tool to guide the enterprising manager to a new lean process solution. The step-by-step instructions are easy for the beginner to follow, and the lean examples, team exercises, and mapping tips add a credible voice of experience to the manuscript. And, best of all, 'It works!'"
     – Kent Sears, Vice President Manufacturing Processes and Lean Implementation, General Motors Corporation

"This book is a must-read for leaders struggling to remove waste, reduce time, and improve responsiveness in white-collar processes. I expect to see well-worn copies of The Complete Lean Enterprise in offices everywhere.  It deserves a spot next to Learning to See."
    – Peter Ward, Professor of Operations Management, Fisher College of Business, Ohio State University

"Their method is practical, pragmatic and can easily be transferred to others. This is the book. This is the Rosetta stone for VSM."
     – Tom Berghan, Manager, Lean Systems, Esterline Korry

"Beau and Drew have developed a strategic lean tool that connects the value stream management of manufacturing processes to the rest of the enterprise! This tool applies to Office and Manufacturing processes, providing a systematic approach to eliminate waste along the entire product delivering value stream."
     – Ron Fardell, Director of Lean, Textron, Inc. .

Purchase The Complete Lean Enterprise, 2nd edition.

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