Value Stream Mapping

Value Stream Mapping (VSM) is a tool (set of tools and techniques) that is/are used to help people learn and change together. We’ve been mapping processes for 12 years and produced three publications on the subject; we are thought-leaders in the field.

Whether a project’s scope is small or sweeping, the fundamentals are the same. Yet the approach is never cookie-cutter. We coach teams as they themselves diagnose system performance issues and design something better – delivering better value to the customer and making front line workers better able to do their jobs. Each team, each problem, has qualities that are unique. We fit ourselves to the situation.

Value Stream Mapping sounds technical and it is. Perhaps even a bit tedious. But it gets to the root of things and opens up the possibility of changing thought and behavior. And then we leverage the learning.

That’s right: we don’t stop with the technical stuff. All change has social implications for your organization, and VSM is also a great tool for bringing an organization together in many ways. Our support is not limited to changing the work; we also support the management system in adapting to the changes, because the connection between the two is critical to sustaining improvements.


"A big benefit of value stream mapping is that employees understand we were committed to custom work as an important way to grow our business. All of a sudden, people were working together. It has made this a better place to work." Restaurant equipment supplier

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