How We Think

How, in a world of increasing complexity and rapid change, can you create a capable organization?  Capable of innovating not just to keep up but to get ahead?  The best way: management shares, rather than owns, responsibility for thinking and problem-solving.

Managers may have been trained, in theory, to solve problems at all levels of the organization, but they cannot remain sufficiently expert at every level for timely action. Expertise is built from daily experience. It resides in people at every level of an organization. But it goes untapped if managers expect too little of operational staff in the way of thinking, adapting, and innovating.

The only way to achieve continuous improvement in an organization is for all of its people to rediscover what it means to step back, evaluate the issues and facts before them, experiment with solutions, and incorporate what actually works in practice. Continuously.

We engage managers and workers directly in defining a real, critical business problem and building the internal capacity to solve it.  No ready-made certification course, no off-the-shelf workshop, no checklist of best practices has this same power to transform an organization.

We start not with a prescription but with a diagnostic conversation.  We proceed not with a "fix" but a process. We succeed when you no longer need us.


"The people throughout the organization have increased their ability to recognize that they have problems, and discuss and work through the problems. And, they have gone one important step further: they have created the ability to adapt new and different processes, measure them, and respond to the new process data. They are continuing to find ways to really improve." Senior executive, service industry

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